Direct Mail Inkjet Addressing

Addresses are printed directly onto a mail piece at a high speed by an inkjet machine, which allows you to save time and money.

Tabbing / Wafer Seal

If you are sending a self-mailer and want to get the cheapest rate and fastest delivery allowed by the post office, then you must secure an open edge from jamming by using tabs, (wafer seals).

Machine Folding

We can fold all your letters in-house, with one of our three folders.

Hand Folding

If the mail piece can’t be folded by machine, don’t worry! Our experienced production team can hand fold the piece in‐house.

Perforating and Scoring

We have machines that can create perforations and score lines.

Envelope Stuffing by Machine

We can insert most material into a booklet envelope, (max. size 9 x 12) by machine, which also allows you to save time and money.

Envelope Stuffing by Hand

If the job can’t be inserted by machine, don’t worry! Our experienced production team can insert the job in‐house.

Manual Direct Mail Work (i.e Polybag Inserting, Collating & Nesting)

If it can’t be done on a machine, we can do it by hand in our facility while ensuring quality control.

Use Our Permit at no Additional Cost

Save your yearly ($200 plus) permit renewal fee by using our permit.

Variable / Personalized Lasered Letters / Mail Merge

Personalize your letters for a more effective campaign.

Duplicate Removal

Duplicate removal or merge/purge, is to cut down on multiple addresses by only sending one piece to each person.

Laser / Digital Printing

In house printing up to 13x19.

Address correction (CASS/NCOA) and validation to ensure lowest postage rates

Most up to date Change of Address using the USPS search engine, up to 48 months.

Presorting of your mailing list

Presorting your list to give you the lowest automation rate.

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